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Azure Storage Explorer 4 - Refresh 9 ( Posted

May 1, 2011 at 2:05 AM

Azure Storage Explorer is now available. This update provides access to the security features for blobs and containers, including the following:

• Ability to change container access level (previously this could only be set at the time of container creation)
• Ability to generate Shared Access Signatures for containers or blobs with custom read/write/delete/list permissions and time window of validity. Both ad-hoc and policy-based shared access signatures can be generated.
• Ability to maintain Shared Access Policies for containers.

You can get at all of the above via the new Security button on the Blob toolbar.

Also, I want to say I know maintenance and support has been light over the last few months (I was busy getting my Windows Azure book completed), and the next release will be a maintenance release to catch up on reported issues and suggestions. Thanks for your patience.

David Pallmann