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Several comments on the Version 6 Preview 3 issues

Sep 15, 2014 at 4:03 AM
Edited Sep 15, 2014 at 4:05 AM
First of all, thank you for working on this project, and thank you for going open source. Great work!

We use version 4 now. The main complaints that I had about that version were, in order of annoyance
  1. Lack of download progress indicator (still not fixed)
  2. Imprecise file sizes: 1.4 GB would show simply as "1GB" (fixed)
  3. Time is UTC (almost fixed)
This is what I have to say about version 6:
  1. Still no download progress indicator. I know Azure SDK does not support that, but you can do it if you work directly with the REST API. Would you be interested in a patch for this? I can't promise any particular deadlines, but I can promise to work on that one :)
  2. Please restore ability to resize the left pane (list of blob containers), and do something about the case when the window's width is less than the width of the left pane. Currently if you make the window narrower than the left pane, there is no horizontal scrolbar, and there is no way to see the list view on the right.
  3. Please add ability to show local time in the "Last modified" and get rid of those 00:00 characters? They just take up a lot of space for nothing. Time zone could be conveyed in the column header: Last modified (UTC) vs. Last Modified (Local).
  4. Right-aligning the "length" field could be a good idea.
  5. Those gray arrows to the right of toolbar buttons are annoying, since they don't seem to do anything. Is it possible to get rid of them? The buttons look much nicer than in version 4, but the arrows are just awful.
  6. The words "Storage Account" taking the whole line by themselves are pure decoration and are superfluous. In my opinion, if you get rid of them, the screen will look cleaner and you will save some vertical space.
Thanks again for the great tool!