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Unable to Download blob


Hi all, hopefully someone can help me troubleshoot this. I have successfully connected Azure Storage Explorer 6 Preview 3 to my Azure storage and I can browse the blobs that are stored there.

However, when I try to Download, I am prompted to select a folder to download to. I then get a message at the bottom that it is downloading 1 blob to the folder that I selected. The blob that I am trying to download is 768k. I let that sit there for an entire day and the download never completed(or started, as far as I can tell).

Am I doing something wrong? Are there any logs that I can check to see if something is bombing out? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.




PaiWakket wrote Aug 10, 2016 at 1:54 PM

I am experiencing the same issue. Access to the blob container appears to be working. Every attempt to download a file, specifically a VHD, shows the event "Downloading 1 blobs from contain XXXX to folder xxx." However, there is no evidence of any traffic being generated, and the target folder remains empty. There is no change after waiting for 12+ hours. The associated image for the VHD is shutdown, and disassociated in Azure. I am running build