[Issue] Developer Storage Not Detected

Hi Guys, I'm using VS 2013 Update 2 + Windows Azure SDK for .Net (VS 2013) - 2.3. before upgrading to latest version. "Azure Storage Explorer" work fine. When upgrade to latest version of VS and...

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Azure Storage Explorer not starting

Since a couple of days the Azure Storage Explorer does not start, I can see the icon in the taskbar, but the UI is not launching. I have already tried to reinstall without success. I am running Win...

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Underbars in table attribute names

Azure Storage Explorer removes underbars in table attributes. For example, if you create a table and insert an entity with an attribute called 'time_started' it will be shown as 'timestarted'. Th...

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Unable to download large (7GB) file

I'm trying to download a 7GB file but keep getting this error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed I have no problem downloading smaller files.

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Empty results while querying table

Results grid appears empty while querying table after doing pagination. Steps to reproduce: Make first query to table that returns N pages of results. Go to last page Make query that will return...

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Sorting Azure Table rows

I'm currently storing rows in Azure using a row key generated like this: string row_key = String.Format("{0:D19}",DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks - DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks); Everything I've read, seen and c...

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Deleted last file in container

Was actually my only file and may well be my fault. I created a new container, uploaded a file via my web site and then deleted using Azure Storage Explorer. Now when I start ASE and choose my acc...

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One of the request inputs is out of range error

Just loaded up Azure Storage Explorer. Upon opening and adding my first account, the error message, "One of the request inputs is out of range error" appears at the bottom of the screen in red. No ...

Id #9043 | Release: None | Updated: Mar 7 at 10:28 AM by leejay | Created: Sep 26, 2013 at 2:40 PM by stevenaburton

Download to CSV does not escape special characters

If you have a field value that contains commas, then downloading to CSV creates a file that is completely broken. Expected: Special characters (commas at least) in field values should be escaped.

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Multiple Monitors

I use multiple monitors at work, but just one at home. If I open storage explorer on second monitor at work, I cannot see it on my single monitor at home, as the window location is on my second in...

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