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Azure Storage Explorer Not exporting selection for WadLogsTable

Apr 24, 2014 at 5:01 PM
Ran the following query against the WADLogsTable in Storage Explorer
if you do not use the partition key it would look something like this:
Timestamp gt datetime'2014-04-16T13:00:00' and Timestamp lt datetime'2014-04-16T17:00:00' and level lt '3'

Anyhow the result set comes back to the screen, i have 2771 rows returned. Click the download button which in theory shoudl download what is on the screen. However it does not
it only downloads the first ~1100 rows from when i opened my azure account, which in my particular case is feb 16 of this year.

I need to get at the data in the query i submitted so i can put in a different tool where i can perform a key word search in the message field of the table.

Please advise